Nestled between the deep still southern ocean and the endless northern desert lies the Kingdom of Endless Light in all it’s glory and peace. You are given only a brief dossier of the Kingdom, and put on the train toward Andlosa, the brimming capitol of the Kingdom.


Campaign Presets:
*Your characters are contracted “ambassadors” to other countries and kingdoms who are called on from time to time to trade with, investigate, steal from, and generally handle relations with other cultures, cities, kingdoms, empires, and the like. Your background besides that is up to you. Perhaps you are in it for the money, or the excitement, or the chance to travel. Perhaps you use the opportunity to search for something or someone, perhaps you do it out of duty to your country. Perhaps you do it simply because it provides an outlet to help people. Or hurt them. The reasons are yours to choose.
*You may choose any race. The authority who calls to you values each and every race for their unique and varied abilities.
*You may choose any class. There is no niche too big or too small to be utilized to it’s fullest potential by the authority.
*You start at level 12. Your characters have seen many places in the world and have had each their fair share of tackling difficult situations, but there’s plenty they still don’t know.

House Ruled:

*The first thing to notice is that each character will not have an alignment. I’ll be using a Wizards approved alternative style to deal with alignment (or lack thereof, in this case). This is to increase roleplaying flexibility; I don’t anyone to feel like they can’t do something because their alignment says not to.
*The second difference, and perhaps the biggest, is that players will start out with a certain level of Sanity. I’m taking cues from Call of Cthulhu for this, and I think it will be a welcome addition to the storyline and roleplaying. Click the link to learn more.
*Your characters are contracted by a group, therefore, your starting budget is 9000 gold.
*Your characters have been on missions before. You will have the choice to start with either a magical item from a previous journey worth no more than 2000g, or an extra 100 XP.
* Experience Points will be utilized in this campaign, but in an alternative way.

The Deep Vault

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