The Deep Vault

Bard's Erotic Broads

If this is possible, if not just X it and i will figure something else

  • Day 1:
  • Bard inquires as to the communication possibilities to crossroads. If this is possible then he would like to come into contact with the local magistrate concerning his brothel.
  • If possible figure out the paperwork on owning the building, obtaining any licenses or permits
  • Sends word to Bernice in Quiet Meadow and contacting the whores on the list he was given upon purchasing the brothel. He would like Bernice to meet him in crossroads one week from the day the group sets out to Andarosa. Bard is looking for the highest quality courtesans, one human woman, one half-elf man, one tiefling male, one elf woman. He would like to have contracts drawn up concerning their services and requirements for employment and see if they can start one week from the leaving to siege Andarosa.
  • He would also like to inquire as to furnishing his establishment with beds, tapestries, and other niceties and a renovator to fix the place into an establishment for more wealthy patrons.
  • Concerning the structural needs of the building he talks to Marcus and Booker and offers discounts at the brothel in exchange for work in transforming the brothel into an amazing establishment people will want to visit.
  • Day 2:
  • Bard replaces the strings of his lyre with strings significantly thicker than normal to achieve much lower sounds than an average lyre.
  • Bard spends the morning practicing the lyre and singing for the house staff while they work. Spurred on by his defeat by song at Crossroads he is dedicated to becoming a master performer of unparalleled skill. He continues through to the late afternoon.
  • Bard then inquires about any poets, musicians, or chanters and any books concerning the great musicians and songs, to better learn how to hone both his talent and technique. Bard arrives to dinner slightly late and returns soon after to the library or master. As the light grows dark Bard brings up darker songs and sadder stories. He talks and reads deep into the night of matters that would curdle the blood. He specifically looks for stories about the slaying
    and defeat of demons. But even more than that he looks for stories of demons becoming tricked themselves into or out of bargains or bets.

Day 3:
*Bard eats breakfast that morning and exits the house to see Booker over by a willow tree studying a tome. He walks over to Booker and upon finding out the origin of the volume studies it with Booker.
*After Booker and Bard finish, Bard decides to agree to be present at Booker’s trial run of his new spells
*Approach MIggle to see if he would craft a cloak of charisma for Bard who has eagle’s splendor to assist with the spell portion

  • Bard wants to find a very nice set of clothes to wear for the infiltration portion of the attack
  • And on the third and final night bard will prepare his gear and weapons alongside Booker and Marcus, playing music and ballads in addition to raise morale


WEEK 1: Bard travels to crossroads to make contact with the local magistrate and the individuals he has contacted to bring under his employ.


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