The Deep Vault

Booker's Account of the Journey so far.

Andlosa .is a short distance away from Bubblebrook, where i am to meet the advocate of The group i will join. Bubblebrook is an odd town, for sure, but seriously, THIS is the location Greene sent me to to meet up with his troop? Might as well set up shop. As I set up a table and spread out my wares, a frog man wobbled over to me. Despite the fact that he had vestigial looking wings, I decided that this is not out of ordinary, at least, not in Bubblebrook. After losing a fair bit of gold to my puzzlebox game (they always do), he proceeded to introduce himself to me as Goomy. This pint sized mutation was my welcome party. What am I getting myself into? Oh well. We got on the train as he explained to me a little more about our mission.
After some time on the train we arrived at our destination, about a kilometer outside of Little Ruby. Walking down the path we came upon a great wooden gate, which the rest of the party opened from the inside. Two men of elvish descent and a large wolf await me inside. Behind them, a smoking Visage; a pile of burning mannequin. Creepy. They didn’t explain much, just that another of their group had abandoned them, but I didn’t inquire much. After short introductions, we wandered into the cave, Mindflayers on our minds. We stayed for a while in the city of Little Ruby, and I made friends with a Hobgoblin named Pallio, who ended up being our guide. After staying at his house, we descended into the Darkness below. After fighting some bats, we decided to rest, until we saw a mindflayer “rip” Pallios’ “fucking brain out”. In a vengeful rage, we sprung into action, shooting and slashing at the flayer, until, in a mad dash, I dove into the air, plunging my rapier into the mindflayers’ chest.


necriel DaneDewitt

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