The Deep Vault

Booker's Invented Spells

Arcane Eye
level 1
1 standard action
Using some of your own life force , you create an arcane eye that you can see through.
Spending 2 health/minute that the eye is active. The eye has a base fly speed of 50 feet with perfect maneuverability. If the eyes killed the user loses all health spend and takes a 1d6 intelligence penalty for twice the time the eye was active

Arcane grenade
level 2
1 standard
You create a throwable explosive out of magical energy imbued within an item weighing no more than 5 pounds. As part of casting the spell you may throw it, making a ranged attack to throw it into a square. on the next round the grenade explodes dealing 3d6 fire damage in 2d6 force damage in a 15 foot radius centered on the grenade reflex to have the fire damage.

Spontaneous Relocation – level 2 or 1 User is teleported to a random space within a 15ft radius.

Freezing Ray – searing ray, but cold damage

Construct- as animate dead, lesser, but an arcane construct from a list.


necriel DaneDewitt

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