The Deep Vault

The Marcus Experience

Day two at the Greene estate

The air was crisp as Marcus stepped outside the Greene estate. Invigorated by his brilliant new adamantium schematic, Marcus decided to ponder over the design one final time before putting it into commission. Given the circumstances concerning Booker, he thought a relaxing walk around Robert’s beautiful home would help to clear his mind of outlandish thoughts, particularly those of Booker mangling innocent people and the world being unified as the one true plane of existence. Sighing deeply, his gaze became fixated on a group of seagulls flying overhead, their destination clearly a far off point on the ocean. as the group of seagulls vanished beyond the horizon, a thought embedded itself deep within the annals of his mind. What if I could fly like that? he thought to himself. No, not with magic…something that even the common man could access. Mere seconds passed by before the dream became a furious drive. Wings crated of a light, yet durable metal. A flight fueled by fire and wind, a machine with the ability to hold many passengers in order to reach that point beyond the horizon. He raised his prosthetic arm towards the sky, extending all of his fingers out as if reaching for something far above him. Just do it, he thought. Nothing is impossible. Design in mind, the newly inspired Marcus set out for his workshop. Ambitious as he was, one does not simply create something of that scale overnight. He understood that he would have to start small. A machine of wood and steel, powered by spinning blades and the turning of cogwheels. “Perhaps…perhaps I’ll show this to Robert,” he said excitedly, picking up speed. “I’ll impress him with this, and promise him of my real goal!” Catching sideways glances from the roaming hobgoblins, he sprinted to his room. His goal not just to impress Robert Greene, but the entire world.


necriel SwilliamX

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