A silver tongued Bard


Bard, A mysterious traveler moving across the land doing much and saying little. Bard’s origins and real name are unknown, or if they are not spoken of by Bard himself. With a silver tongue to pave the way for him. Bard does not often willingly engage in combat. Instead using his talent for the spoken/sung word to be his greatest weapon. Bard is almost exactly six feet tall with grey eyes, human, most think, with possible Elven heritage.

Bard’s known goals are to reclaim the missing piece to his soul from the demon Hadashi and to establish the burnt remains of a ruined brothel in to a thriving courtier service for a more prestigious clientele.

Hired by Robert Green to find a cure for his, Robert’s, daughter, Bard moves forward with an ever changing band of companions in search of this cure and, perhaps, an ally in his ultimate goal.


Bard is currently in the hire of one Robert Green, A vampire of ancient origins, enormous wealth, and tremendous power.

Bard is part of a larger band in the employ of Robert, working towards creating a potion to cure Robert’s daughter of her mysterious illness. Bard was recruited in Reinhardt’s Edge after passing the the test of a prison break. He then proceeded with Thanem, a Tiefling with whereabouts no longer known, to the city of Crossroads whereupon he believed to purchase himself a brothel and experience ever stranger and darker encounters.

Troubled by this he continued on to Life Springs and learned of the addition of Virgil and his dog Dante, a renegade from a select class of demon hunters. Bard finds himself often opposed to Virgil’s way of handling things. After healing, meeting the possibly, probably, mad doctor Carlysle he was informed alongside Thanem and Virgil of the ingredients needed to create a potion which serves as a cure for madness, and learning of the ingredients needed to create the potion, sets out towards Little Ruby through Black Haven.

Stopping for the night at a ruined town and mansion later to found to be Cindervale. This town is found to be inhabited by creatures called Tall Men, small humanoids that evolve each time they are “slain” until finally expiring. Here at Cindervale Bard also came into contact with Alexi Volk, a powerful mage who nearly escapes Thanem’s rages until being shot in the back by Virgil. Bard whoever takes no part in this attack on Alexi, instead deciding to attempt to unlock a safe and enjoy some bread and cheese. Needless to say Bard is disgusted by these two as he wanted to speak to Alexi of the situations surrounding the town’s destruction and information known to Alexi in his travels.

Bard continues on with Thanem and Virgil following the river to Little Ruby. Bard though is terrorized by visions of a tentacled mass in the water. Growing increasingly frantic and frightened, Bard finally loses parts of his mind, after this continuing to Little Ruby only to find it full of mannequins. That night much to Bard’s unease Thanem vanishes into apparently thin air. Bard has known of Thanem’s sacrifices and of his Tiefling nature causing him to question Thanem’s motives after many instances of unprovoked violence and cruelty. So far Thanem has not reappeared.

Bard set out from Little Ruby that morning, deep into the mine, with, again, a fresh companion. This time Bard is not only reunited with the wretched frog creature that can only be described as Goomy, but a strange new comer calling himself Booker. Bard is unsure of Booker but at first glance thinks him benevolent and not a threat. Maybe even a possible friend. Bard decides however to reserve judgement until monitoring Booker’s actions further.


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