Carlysle Young

Biologist, Physician, Veterinarian, Botanist, Geneticist, Etc, etc...


Dr. Carlyle Young of Lifespring stands at slightly over six feet tall and is fair-haired, with cold blue eyes. He seems more tan than his eyes and hair would indicate.

He has gone mad.
And sane again.
And mad again.
And sane.
Ad continuum.

He began his study of medicine at an early age, and ventured into botany, physics, mentalistics, or what might be considered psychology, and many other fields over the course of his formative years. When he was thirty-three, after an expedition to find some rare plants, he came upon a black building, smooth as glass and apparently seamless. He had heard about them before, and didn’t want to venture near, but that was the way back, and the once peaceful sky had turned into a raging lightning storm. As he circumnavigated the massive structure, he saw a bolt of lightning strike the black box, somewhere further ahead. He continued on, and saw that a smoldering hole was torn into the side of the structure. He was curious, and the hole was low enough to peer inside…

That choice would forever alter the course of his life.

At first, he saw nothing. Heard nothing. He peeked his head inside. Still, he saw nothing.
He pulled the top half of his body into the hole and suddenly he ceased seeing nothing.
He saw Nothingness. Absolute and entire, he gazed into the essence of Nothingness itself.
He would later describe his experience as “an eternity held within an instant, where I realized my existence is a fluke, a blip, a splash…”
When he came to his senses, he found himself walking upon his town without knowing exactly how he got there.
Due to this experience, for years he suffered nightmares and visual and auditory hallucinations during his daylight hours. In the madness, he delved further and further into study. Thinking, studying and calculating were the only things that staved off the insanity nipping at his heels.
He tried tinctures, salves, potions, even magic, to cure him of his ailments. Some things worked briefly, others didn’t work at all, and a handful of strategies he still uses to mitigate the deleterious effects of his madness.

Eventually, after a three-year-long quest of searching for the right combination of ingredients, he finally created it and tested a cure for madness. He was able to cure two people, and he observed their behavior for a year before concluding that he had finally created a true, permanent cure for madness.


Carlysle Young

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