Lavas I'ton

Strange Cleric


Lavas is an Aasimar that stands around a mediocre 5’8" 145lbs. Donned in full-plate, Lavas constantly wears a set of pure white robes; a symbol of his religion. Lanky in figure, Lavas makes up for his lack in size due to outstandingly handsome facial features and platinum blonde hair. His bright, gold colored eyes mark his Aasimar heritage, although he appears to be human in every other fashion.


You notice a torn page, stained with blood. Insane and inaudible noises fill your ears




They are coming for me…heh. I didn’t MEAN to kill the boy. It was an accident, I swear! If only he hadn’t…

No time to think now. Have to keep running. Katherine, I hope you are able to forgive me…

branches break, followed by tattered footsteps through undergrowth

Saval Toni? No, that just won’t do. How about Lavas I’ton? Oooh I like that name. I think I’ll use it from now on…

They will all pay. ALL OF THEM. I’ll kill every last one of them, even that damned boy. I might even taste him a little.

An insane smile creeps into your vision, unnerving you and instilling within you a sense of dread and hopelessness

Lavas I'ton

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