Marcus Friedman

Gunslinging Inventor


Marcus stands at a powerful 6’5" tall. He doesn’t have the presence of being a heavyweight boxer, but more or less has a build that hints towards regular physical training. Marcus has never been seen without his trusty black duster and black boots, preferring to wear them above any other article of clothing. With brown hair and brown eyes, nothing really about Marcus, aside from his height, appear to stand out in a noticeable way. A small pistol remains holstered at his side at all times, a weapon that was given to him long ago by his master Ezra. Many small pockets, some hidden and some not, reside all over Marcus’s clothing, and he often misplaces things throughout the various pockets. Generally, Marcus’s erratic personality coupled with his astounding amount intelligence and curiosity tend to strike people as somewhat odd at first, but he is very loyal and ambitious, two qualities that are a driving force to his friendly personality.


Marcus Friedman lives on today despite his troubled past. As a child, Marcus was heralded as a genius craftsman. His ability to work well with any tool, coupled with a staggering amount of fluid intelligence garnered a lot of respect from his fellow townspeople…but not his parents. Jenny and Tom Rossara were, to say the least, unfavorable people. The duo were jealous of their son’s abilities, and blamed all of their financial problems and tough luck on Marcus. Because of the abuse, both physical and emotional, Marcus fled his home of Edgewood at the young age of ten into the nearby woods. Surprisingly, he survived for multiple days before being ambushed by a bear while foraging around for some food. The bear left Marcus bloody and missing limbs before he was discovered by a hunter, an old man named Ezra Friedman. Ezra saved Marcus and took the boy in as his protegee, showing Marcus how to properly use firearms and supplying him with materials for his unmatched crafting prowess. By the age of fifteen, Marcus had crafted an artificial right arm and left leg below the knee for himself to use, and had excelled exceptionally with firearms, surpassing even his master. During the night on a cold summer evening, Marcus awoke to sounds of a struggle, and ran through to house to find his master dead; murdered by someone unknown to him even now. This event proved to be the last straw for Marcus. He left the house he was trained and donned the last name Friedman to honor his master. Marcus “Blastfuse” Friedman has ever since roamed through The Kingdom of Endless light, pursuing his love for crafting in any way that he possibly can, a true display of a man that lives happily to better himself both intellectually and emotionally.

Marcus Friedman

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