They handle the enforcing of laws throughout the Kingdom.


Protectors are the various armor-clad and weapon-brandishing agents that enforce the laws of the Kingdom of Endless Light.

In order to become a Protector, one must complete a series of field exercises and skills tests held once per year, overseen by Content Not Found: luiz-velios and his squadron. The exercises are held two weeks before the Festival of Endless Light, in order to give new recruits an easily manageable first assignment (locking up the drunk and belligerent, keeping the peace during the Festival) and to ensure that the Festivals policing needs are met.

Each Protector is trained in simple and martial weaponry, including ranged and melee weapons. Each are also taught the precepts of using magical items such as Tanglefoot Bags and Scrolls of Healing.

At the outset of recruitment, fledgeling Protectors are divided into two classes: those that focus on might, and those that focus on magic. Those that prefer to use their strength are trained under the watchful eye of Content Not Found: luiz-velios and his squadron, and those that prefer spellcasting are trained under Silva Montag.



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