Robert Greene

The richest family in the Kingdom, or so they say.


Race: Human, maybe half-elf.
Age: Mid-forties.
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 190 lbs.

Theme Song:

Robert Greene is a name that is synonymous with wealth, prosperity and industry.

It is said that the Greene family came from humble beginnings and built the mining empire from nothing, starting from founding the small village of Little Ruby and eventually hiring Reinhart Razorbeard and founding a few northern mining towns as well. Robert Greene the First is said to have founded Little Ruby, with his son, Robert Greene Jr founding a few now defunct towns of his own. Robert the Third is credited with hiring Reinhart Razorbeard to discover more mineral deposits, and is also credited with delving into the lumber trade as well. Robert the Fourth holds the current title of Chief of Operations with Greene Mining and Lumber. After generations of wheeling, dealing and bargaining, after centuries of acquiring and merging and buying and selling, the Greene family is said to have more wealth than the entire government on the whole. The truth of this statement is not known, although it is rumored that the Greene family also owns many of the banking institutions of the Kingdom as well.

Robert Greene the Fourth is an enigmatic figure, making appearances randomly and without notice, and leaving in his wake a trail of oohs and awws, and always a trail of gold as well.

His main base of operations is Greene Mining and Lumber, nestled at the edge of Blackhaven, on the River of Blue Ghosts.


Robert Green is a medium built, well dressed Northerner (Franco-German style). He has a salt-and-pepper beard and mustache, with the goatee area being darker, almost black, in comparison to the rest. He has light, beautiful eyes, fair skin and immaculate nails.

Robert Greene

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