Silva Montag

One of the Upholders, holds the Face Key.


Title: Upholder
Name: Silva Montag
Appearance: Tall, lean and spindly by most accounts, he appears as a looming, gliding figure. He isn’t too tall, but appears much taller than he is, and he always has his chin up, a smug look about him. His hair is jet black with streaks of silver running up the sides, with one streak directly above his right eye, and he keeps it cut into a well-kept short style. He is clean-shaven.
Most often he wears robes of purple and black, with matching shoes. His favorite line of clothes is the Underdark Collection by Content Not Found: fabernazzi.
His fingernails are kept longer than most, and when his patience is being tested he clicks his nails on the table in front of him.

Silva is not known for his kindness, or charm, or hospitality. He is not known for his kind nature, his sense of humor or his tolerance.

He is known for his impatience with anything and everything that he deems unworthy of his attention, which, by and large, is mostly everything. Behind his outward appearance of smug superiority, there lies a respect for power and knowledge, a respect so deep that he considers himself its’ servant.


Silva Montag is one of The Upholders.

During the Festival of Endless Light he holds the honor of unlocking The Face and unveiling the newest invented piece of technology.

He also plays a pivotal role in training newly recruited Protectors.

Silva Montag

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