Thanem Ironn

Tiefling Antipaladin with Newfound Clarity


After the death of Robert Greene and most of his adventuring party, along with the loss of most of his worldly possessions, Thanem has taken solace in the only thing he has left, the power of belief and the power of souls. Using his newfound demonic talents, Thanem plans to amass as much power as possible and gain some followers in order to exact revenge on the government for taking the only friends he had left in this world.

His Demeanor is Stony

His Empathy is Drained

His Body is in tact, But is mind is Asunder.


Deep in the mountainous reaches of The Kingdom of Endless Light lies a village called Ironpeak, where 72 years ago, in the prime of the village, the greatest of atrocities ensued, in a most unlikely way. An abomination of fiendish origins was born, something simultaneously more and less than a mortal child, spawned from the unholy relation between mortal and Daemon. The mother, although shamed and afraid, could not bring herself to abandon the child, who, apart from the perpetual smell of cinders, seemed no different from the average human infant.

In the early years it was different…in the early years it was easy, to disguise the boy, Thanem, but as the sands of fate sifted, year after year, so did the cruel charade. Priests and clerics alike were called upon to attempt everything from conventional medicine to exorcism to cure the boy, to no avail. The church, teaching children to be clerics and paladins from a young age, was tasked with instilling the tainted youth with the devotion and honor that comes with worshiping the light.

Surprisingly, Thanem excelled at being a part of the clergy, but still the prejudice continued. After decades of bitter treatment and miniscule tolerance, the day had come to become accepted, to ascend into something more – a paladin, a divine pinnacle of innocence and mercy. In the beginnings of the graduation ceremony, Thanem’s hands grew shaky and from his hands emerged claws in substitution. Another dark gift of his unfortunate heritage. Seeing the tiefling as a monstrosity on holy ground was the last straw. The town militia came to purify the blemish upon their quite Mountain town once and for all. Thanem’s mother was cut down while helping him escape into the wilderness. Using what magic he could to disguise himself, the distraught adolescent fled from his burning home. Without the church to guide him and with the image of a rage filled mob breaking down the door to the only safe haven he had ever known, Thanem was driven mad with grief and confusion.

The light had not saved him or his mother, despite devoting years to it’s cause. At that moment, a light from the world was snuffed out; the light of Thanem’s soul.

He became the antithesis of his former self. An Antipladin.

Thanem Ironn

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