The Enforcer


Race: Human
Age: 42
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 200 lbs

UPDATE 2: Reports now indicate that the Enforcer is alive, having sustained major injuries, but alive. It is said that he is disfigured, or blind. Accounts vary. It is said that he still holds a place of power among the Upholders.

UPDATE: Recent reports indicate that The Enforcer has been shot by an unknown assailant at the Festival of Endless Light. His condition is not known, but several eyewitness accounts have suggested that The Enforcer suffered a fatal gunshot to the head from a member of a terrorist group called the Sightgivers.

The Enforcer is a tall, solidly built man, who wears a scabbard with a longsword and a black leather vest. His hair is a dirty brown-black, and he walks with a swagger that sets a woman on her toes.

He is known to be brash, arrogant and uncompromising, leading many to develop quite the disdain for him.


His primary duties are to interact with the populace on a one-to-one basis.

In his words; " Kerrigan Strom sees the crowds…Velios thinks only in terms of groups and regimens. They’re interested in people. I’m interested in the person. Because anyone can look at a screaming mob or a smiling crowd and think they understand. Think they can deal with them. But if you really want to affect change, it has to start with the individual."

It is known that he has a very hands-on perspective when it comes to dealing with the populace.

The Enforcer

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