The Tyrant of Many Forms

Ancient shapechanging creature.


The Tyrant is an ancient shapeshifting creature. It is part of an eons-old race of antediluvian creatures, alphas in a sense, and there are few left in all of the worlds. It is found in the last cell of The Floodcage.

This particular creature is considered by the Westfolk to be a primordial manifestation of the idea of adaptation. Others view it simply as a very powerful aberration. It was imprisoned eons ago by the druids of the Westfolk to protect the land from its terrible reign. It was imprisoned far beneath the earth, in an area that no one would find or venture to…until that same area was found by The Upholders in the country’s infancy.

The Upholders, who were at the time quite good and noble hearted, lived in peace with the Westfolk, and it was explained to them what was behind the door marked with a skull.


The Tyrant of Many Forms

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