Discovered Items

These are things the players have discovered..


Spider Tank
Atk – 2 cannons, 3d8, 19/20 crit x2, 120 ft range, bludgeoning. Reload is one standard action, max loaded at any time is one shot per cannon. One person per tank.

Cursed puzzlebox that foces you to solve it- take 1d4 damage per failed check.


Sooty Ring -This black soot-colored ring is attached to Bards finger.

Carlyles’s Chest – Unopened and unadorned, this red and bronze chest is 12×24 and 12 inches tall.

Alexi’s Safe – This safe once was old and rustic looking, but after having been in Abaddon with The Horsemen after Thanem’s betrayal, it has taken on a new appearance. The safe is gleaming shiny steel, with a small rectangular keyhole exactly 1/2 inch by 1/16 inch. Massively heavy. No known key.

Keen Katana – Created by Blackfoot, this katana is thought to be the sharpest weapon ever created. (+1 Bastard sword stats, 18-20 crit range, x4)

Carlyle’s Tome – A musty, immense tome, old, seemingly ancient. It is about 9" by 12" and 5 inches thick. It’s pages are filled with everything from journal entries to spells, to treatises on the ethics of animal testing. There are poems, songs, anatomical drawings of flora and fauna, to-do lists, grocery lists, sketches of landscapes, pressed flowers here and there, and an occasional partially-drafted letter.

Horadric Cube – A box with the fabricate spell cast upon i permanently. ALlows a user to insert the items, hold the sides and roll a craft check to instantly create the item. Available for various prices and sizes. Rules wise, anyone holding it with both hands gains all item creation feats until they let go and construction is complete.
- Consumer Edition – 5 inches cube – 100g
- Prosumer Edition – 18 inch cube – 1000g
- Business Edition – 4 ft by 4ft – 5000g
- Corporate Edition – 20ft by 20ft – 15,000g
- Robert Greene Industry Giant Edition – 100ft by 100ft – 50,000g

Tentacake – These cupcakes have small tentacles growing from them. When eaten, eater grows spider legs and vomits frost for 1d4 rounds.
Claritycake – This cake looks frosted with red powder. Upon eating, eater is frozen in place for 2 rounds, engulfed in warm but harmless fire, during which Wisdom increased by 10.
Trippy Potion – +5 to CMB on trip attempts for the next 1d4 rounds.
Quickling Potion – Until the end of your next round, you may make any action an immediate action. If you do, you take 1d6 damage from the wind shear.

Waterlung Bar – Anyone who eats this must make a DC 15 Fort save or fall unconcious due to water filling their lungs.

Typewriter Prototype
Light-bulb Prototype

Morphinate – created by Content Not Found: mad-willy_ – Regeneration 5 for 1 minute, paralysis.
Spooky Cookie – Created by _Content Not Found: mad-willy
– Spider Legs grow from random bystander, eater of cookie can control them with concentration.

Monitor Rings – These rings have the power to grant information to each other person wearing a Monitor Ring. A type of scrying magic was used in it’s creation.

Discovered Items

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