The Deep Vault

Things we plan to do/ Things we want Justin to know.

Feel free to Edit this anyone, and add your own stuff.h2.


  • Repair Minotaur Hammer and my Armor
  • Try to convince Cestovonia to let me be his new John
  • See if Cestovonia wants to raid what’s left of the other Demon’s Ranks
  • See if I can buy a vault like Cesta’s
  • Get a new look, Probably a haircut and a new wardrobe
  • Try to make some deals
  • Contact the Greene Family about their loss and warn against the Island, they all need to leave
  • *

Items/Stuff Got Gotted:

  • 900 souls (1000 -100 for regrowth of limbs)
  • Amulet of Natural Armor
  • Werewhistle
  • Medallion of Thoughts
  • Sadness and Grief from the Death of a loved one
  • +1 to Disguise (dane is a big dumb)


necriel awesomedude

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