The Deep Vault

Marcus's Account of the Journey (In Progress)
Jesus christ my fingers oh god why

Chapter One: One hell of a day.

I awoke within a cage, no recollection of how I ended up there. It was dark, cavelike, and I knew immediately that I was stripped of my clothing. After some searching, A pouch fumbled into my grasp that contained some candles. I had stumbled upon some flint while in the darkness of the cage and I shakily lit the candle after some time had passed. I was greeted with the site of a horrifically mutilated Drow in a cage near me who appeared to have been experimented on, his body twitching violently. The room around me was very tidy- a desk, some supplies, and a bed were within sight. I attempted to pick the lock of the cage with a sharpened stone to no avail, the stone breaking miserably within my grasp. Brilliantly, I threw a lit candle on the straw bed in the room hoping to invoke some kind of reaction in the cave somewhere. Genius idea, as smoke then filled the room, impairing my breathing. I desperately located a weak point on the cage and pulled with all of my might, managing to create a big enough hole for me to weasel through. Running to the desk, I gathered what appeared to be my old belongings and some useful supplies before running out into the cave system. As I continued along the winding tunnels, the noise of what sounded like combat of sorts greeted me, and I was no shape to fight so I went down an opposite path away from the noise. The walls around me began to slowly change into an onyx colored crystal substance, and I found myself descending further underground. I became intrigued as I reached a large, circular room containing a sheet of white crystal spanning across the chamber. The room I entered was oddly funnel shaped, with the white crystal acting as a flooring over the middle. I decided the jump into the funnel and slide down the rock (being the daredevil that I am,) and I reached the floor unharmed…But the floor cracked, as did my happiness. Suddenly, the ground beneath my feet shattered, throwing me into a 400 foot free fall. I grabed one of the metal rebars that I had previously ripped off of the cage and plunged it into the funnel wall, managing to hang from one hand. I quickly took stock of my surrounding. The darkness below me confirmed just how high up I was dangling. A large, red crystal was mounted within the middle of the funnel and I detected a large amount of magic emanating from it. At this point, I began to lose my grip on the rebar, and I decided to use every last ounce of my strength to haul myself on top of the bar, kin to sitting on top of a slanted roof. From the perch I newly acquired, I warily observed the crystal. What was that thing? My observation was cut short, however, as I noticed a large, black golem looking construct approaching the crystal and staring at me. A devilish thought entered my head-perhaps this thing is here to guard the crystal? I decided to test out my theory. I drew my pistol and aimed it directly at the crystal. The golem then proceeded to light up in a flash and pursue me. (Fucking wonderful idea Marcus, great.) I furiously climbed up the funnel trying to get away from my pursuer, and once I reached the top, made a mad dash through the cave system. Eventually, as I continued to run, I was once again greeted by the sounds of a struggle-what I believed to be a scorpion of some sorts. I decided to head towards the sound and became greeted by a very peculiar sight. Within the cavernous room before me , I observed a man wielding a rapier, a Bard, and a frog man engaged in combat with a giant scorpion. No thought went through my head as my years of combat training took over. I drew my pistol and took aim at the scorpion, whose back was currently turned to me. I fired a shot directly at the weak spot between its carapace and scored a satisfying direct hit. The scorpion writhed in pain as my shot proved to be the final blow, and I looked before me at the people. The man with the rapier was heavily wounded, possibly poisoned as he was then sprawled out on the ground, so I approached the Bard meaning to inquire what the hell was going on. The bard (Very rudely, I might add.) disregarded me and ran to attend to the unconscious man. I was greeted by the frog man who introduced himself to me as Goomy. He told me that their party was employed by Robert Greene in order to create a cure for insanity that has been recently gripping the country. Interestingly enough, they came here to acquire the brain of a Mindflayer, which they managed to obtain. I decided to accompany them, and I took them to my original cell room in order to rest and attend to the man with the rapier. After some squabbling with the Bard, we eventually brought the unconscious man back to reality. He introduced himself to me as Booker Mendohlsen, and informed me more about their quest. Robert Greene seeks the cure specifically for his daughter, and the only person in the Kingdom that knows how to make it is Doctor Carlyle Young from Lifespring. Ole’ Doc Carlyle can apparently concoct a cure out of a set list of ingredients that are pretty difficult to obtain, one of which being the Mindflayer brain. I pondered over the information given to me before I entered my slumber within the chamber, the rest of the party following suit. I wonder how I ended up in that cage? Perhaps some questions are better left unanswered.

Chapter Two: The cage of…well, definitely not anything pleasant.

Upon awakening in the chamber, I noticed a man I did not recognize within the room. Goomy informed me that the man’s name was Vergil, a member of their party who had fallen unconscious and had yet to awaken. The group now readied to depart, and we all planned our next course of action. I agreed to accompany the group on their quest for the cure…after all, what wondrous things will I learn on such a journey? All of us now traveled along the cave system, searching for a way out. Eventually, I began to sense what smelled like fresh air coming from a cave path (As did the rest of the group) and we decided to pursue that lead. I had fallen a bit behind the group and picked up on something following us, spurring me to run ahead. Bard and Booker had entered a large room, and I shouted to them that something was pursuing us from the path we entered. The party then grinded into action, sprinting down the hallway towards the scent of fresh air. Goomy and Booker ran ahead while the Bard and I tarried back in order to set traps for our pursuer…what came into sight was an ooze, (quite ugly, I might add) slowly advancing towards the party. The bear traps that Bard and I had set uselessly went off as the ooze passed over them, and we decided to flee towards the direction Goomy and Booker went. They apparently reached a dead end, as Goomy expended a sandstone solution to eat away the cave floor beneath them, and the two had taken Vergil and descended into the artificial hole. Bard quickly climbed down into the hole, and I, once again being quite the daredevil, decided to do a dazzling leap into the hole. I clumsily hit my head on a rock and shakily hit the bottom floor, luckily only injuring my pride. A fantastic sight greeted my eyes. We had reached a magnificently large hallway, certainly not the normal cave, that slanted downwards into darkness. Doors aligned either side of the hallway as I descended into the darkness, Booker following behind me accompanied not far by the Bard and Goomy. After walking for a period of time, we reached a massive sized wooden door leading into a room of equally impressive size. At this point, I knew I was getting myself into a very ominous situation…why else would this area be hidden at the bottom of such a desolate cave system? We all entered the room, and were greeted with the sight of multiple doors, some shut, some open, and another hallway that appeared as an exit to the chamber. As we all stared in awe of what we stumbled upon, the faint voice of a child crying for help echoed throughout the room, seeming to come from behind one of the locked doors. Booker and the Bard went over to investigate the sound, but I decided to investigate more of the surrounding room, curiosity getting the best of me. I first entered an open door to my immediate left. Within the room lied the corpse of a Sarenrae priest and a few supplies, nothing too major. I decided to loot the priest of his robes and stumbled across an interesting letter addressed to Father Abraham, which I pocketed within my packs.

Re-re-updated - Marcus's Many Musically Meaningful Maybe More Megalomanically Major Musings
The Downtime of a Genius Inventor

The first day, Marcus Friedman will attempt to achieve the following:

  • Train more with Miggle, learn more about any crafting that he has done and the such.
    - Miggle doesn’t enjoy the idea of suddenly having an apprentice, but under the request of Robert Greene, he acquiesces. Miggle explains that the essence of crafting isn’t about the planning or the work, it’s about the vision. He continues. "There are a hundred better craftsmen out there than me, I’m sure, but they spend their time hunting gold or fame or some other equally idiotic venture. The real goal is to change the world for the better. I came under the tutelage of Rob many years ago, when I was still an ungrateful, naive shitstain like you or you friends, no offense, and since then I’ve had the opportunity to use my skills to begin creating what I think will alter the course of this nations history.
    How do you respond?
    *I respond thus: “Perhaps what I’m doing currently won’t alter the course of this nations history, but I’m looking for inspiration to do so. This is the beginning of my journey.” I then ask what the hell he is planning to create.
    He tells you he’s trying to create a Unified-Universal-Theory, a scientific integration and explanation of magic. He’s currently studying the effects of magnetic minerals and their interaction with other substances. He explains that he believes there are emanations, or power fields, in existence that we cannot see or smell or touch, but have an effect nonetheless. He hopes that with enough research he can prove it. It is with Robert’s wealth and power that he’s been able to secure some of the most arcane tomes of knowledge about the subjects.
  • Craft an arm and a leg out of adamantine and begin work modifying them to become weapons.
    Miggle has the materials handy, but still requires you to give him 2,000 gold. When asked why, he merely responds with: “The things we value most very often are valued not for their use but as justification for the price we paid for them. Also, I’m planning on taking a vacation to Andlosa soon, and I want a high-dollar whore. And finally, because I said so, goddamnit.”
    After you pay the ill-tempered gnome, he informs you that: “One does not simply craft any damned thing out of adamantine. What the hell do you carve it with? Super-adamantine? Ah! You see, most adamantine-crafting actually begins in the forge! Follow my instructions.”
    He tells you that adamantine is predominantly crafted by melting it and pouring it into pre-crafted clay molds, then modified with diamond-tipped tools. He instructs you to first create a mold from clay, then he’ll teach you about the forging process.
  • Begin pondering the nature of electricity and its intricate functions. Inspired by Miggle’s interest in “power fields”, Marcus begins to wonder of the possibilities of having the ability to harness such power. He would like to spend the entire day researching and pouring over tomes of incidents concerning anything unusual with electricity. (For instance, if something appeared to be more electrical or not.)
    - Miggle allows you access to the tomes he’s gathered over the years. Make a Perception check. ___21___
    - You study the ponderous volumes for hours, searching for anything that could spark an idea. After a solid day of reading, you discover two things. The first is an account by an Andlosan scholar named Thales, in his short volume titled “Differences in Materials for Useful Applications”. The book is a series of anecdotal essays describing experiments creating everyday tools out of different materials to try to find the best materials for the job. An entire story is devoted to an experiment where Thales made hair brushes from different materials, and found that while using a hair brush made from glass, it had the tendency to shock him. He investigated this phenomenon and found that by rubbing glass against fur, or silk, it somehow charges the glass with a small lightning bolt, similar to a wizards wand. Yet it was proved by a wizard friend casting Detect Magic on the glass that it was a non-magical effect. The story concludes with a call for more research into this. The book is 18 years old.
    The second story you find to be of interest is from the book series “The Stranger World” by Augustus Derleth, a series Miggle says is “An interesting read. Auggie was a collector of odd stories and unexplained phenomenon. I always read the stories of the strange and unusual. Why? Because very often, you can catch the the undiscovered by following the trail of the unexplained.” Miggle points you to a corner of the library, an entire shelf full of small, 25-50 pg leatherbound journals. The shelf has a small wooden plaque that reads “The Stranger World”. There are easily 150-200 journals. Any given journal has a theme, some as simple as “Missing Persons” or “Timeshift” or “The Whispering Mountains”, and any given journal has 2-6 short stories.
    - Where do you start?
    - Make a Perception Check and an Intelligence Check (d20 + Int Modifier) Intelligence ___21___ Perception ___17___
  • At night, take shifts with Booker Mendohlson in order to identify his apparent problem. Marcus is very concerned with his friend.

Day two:

  • If possible, further training with Miggle, asking even more questions about craft materials/ideas. Marcus wants to ask Miggle about the properties of adamantine and how flexible it can become.
    - Miggle complainingly answers your questions, telling you about adamantium’s hardness and ability to withstand damage. He explains that the best armors in the world tend to be made from adamantium, but it’s dubiously difficult to mine and ever harder to find. "At one point Rob had four adamantium mines in operation. That was twelve years ago, and since then The Cockholders have taken two of them by forth and destroyed another. The fourth was in Ironpeak, and as of a year ago we lost communication with our entire mining operation. When we went to check on them, we found the team slaughtered and the mine collapsed.
  • Purchase or acquire pure Adamantium from Robert Greene’s establishment.
  • Marcus would like to test the sniper rifle he created, testing its damage, capability, range, and actual effectiveness. Begin to toy with the possibility of Adamantium themed weapons, for style if any reason at all.
    - You set a dummy target up at 100 feet, and fire. Roll a to-hit. _____18_____ (Against the Dummy’s touch AC, for what its worth.)
    - You aim the sniper rifle and fire. You see the front of the chest of the dummy explode into debris, slightly off where you were aiming. You go to insect the shot and find that your hit was clean through the upper right shoulderpiece of the dummy. Twenty feet behind, you see an injured rabbit. The bullet must have passed through and hit the rabbit as well.
  • More research over electricity will be done. Marcus would like to study the very interaction of electrical elementals and their impact on the environment. This is because any information on how begin experimenting with harnessing it will prove helpful, because the likes of it has never been done.
    - You pore over another Tome called “On The Nature of Elemental Beings” written by Researcher Fitzhugh Lovelace. Make a Perception Check. ____23____
    - After a bit of research, you learn that elemental creatures typically are arrogant and self-interested at best, and at worst, untrustworthy and dangerous to interact with. There are several recorded instances of highly powerful mages and clerics binding elementals (specifically, air and lightning elementals) in the service of powering mechanical devices. One such instance was the for the powering of the train system. Another instance was during the creation of a sword called Vakkaras, said to be made of the soul of a fire elemental. Another story states that according to at least a handful of scholars, elementals may just be splinters of a larger, more primordial race of beings.
  • Continue drafting modifications to weaponize the Adamantium limbs, focusing today on the arm. Marcus will carve a hole in the palm of the hand, allowing for a chamber to be drilled through the arm joint. The gun mechanism will fire only when the arm is straight, locking the joint into place similar to the hammer of a revolver. The size of the chamber will allow for three shotgun bullets to be mounted within the chamber. The chamber can be ejected by pressing a button located on the upper part of the arm which will effectively spring out the chamber underneath the arm, allowing for reloading without having to completely remove the arm from its socket. The design will look fluid and not chunky, with the button having a “Stealth design” (not literally hidden or anything) similar to awesomely modeled auxiliary cords.
    -- Roll a Craft Engineering Check. ___20____
    - You successfully craft the modification. Use the stats for the Musket, found here, for the stats.

*Continue to aid Booker with his problem.

Day three:

  • Attempt to make a shotgun out of adamantium with all the normal workings of a regular shotgun, just to see if it works, no other specific reason at this time.
    -- Craft Engineering Check ____29______
    - Miggle informs you that if you intend to continue “pilfering my metal stockpiles faster than a starving Rust Monster, you’d better have the decency to bring some back from Andlosa”. You successfully create a shotgun.
  • Use any information previously gained about electricity and begin CONDUCTING experiments. (Marcus would like to create a lightning rod out of Iron surrounded by a copper wire and multiple electrodes strung between the creation, and observe if lightning strikes the rod, then providing substance for all future experiments.)
  • After Marcus’s talk with Robert, he was inspired to invent more spectacular things. Spending some time wondering how one could travel faster, Marcus immediately looked to the skies. He would like to craft a Gyrocopter and present his prototype to Robert, informing him that with his help and some time, Marcus can make something like this much faster, and much larger. Craft check for the creation: ___25___
RE - Re-re-Updated - Brave Booker's Ballin Bash Before Bookers Big Brutal Battle

Over the 3-4 day downtime, Booker would like to do the following:
– Day One:
● Create a Hand mounted drill weapon (like Bioshock
- You successfully create an auger hand-weapon. The handhold is made from a bronze allow with the drill being made of tempered steel. Miggle looks at the creation with his own sense of approval, saying “It doesn’t look entirely like a mangled cock. You may very well actually impress me one day!”

● Create two large, long cables (40 ft each, copper wire) and 8 metal arrows (entire shaft is metal)
- Robert Greene allows you access to a large on-site manufacturing area where Miggle is gets his supplies. The warehouse is easily the size of a large citadel, with the side walls extending back into the side of the nearby mountain. You enter the warehouse, accompanied by Miggle, who is complaining that this is his area, and if one ingot or wire is unacccounted for, he’ll drug you and confine you to a sea-faring auto-raft of his own invention. After a few hours, you and Miggle craft the cables using a forge that runs the length of the western wall.

●Solve Jeeves
- You attempt to solve Jeeves. You succeed, and he begins purring. He says "I learned that noise from the furred beast I saw last night.
– First Night:
● Have Marcus sleep in my room and take shifts with me to make sure no one enters in the night (the previous night where my room was destroyed scared me)
- You fall asleep, with Marcus gazing at you lovingly, or was that a look of concern for what the night could hold? Your dreams are vivid and dark, and the sound of the forest calls to you. Marcus watches you for hours, and just as he is beginning to feel the effects of sleep deprivation, he lazily glances over at you. What he sees is unlike anything he’s seen before.
"He watches closely as Booker’s skin begins to twitch. Slight muscle spasms start at feet and work their way to Booker head, and soon it looks as if he’s trembling violently. Marcus considers waking you, but under the circumstances, decides to watch for a moment longer, for the sake of understanding. After a few minutes of trembling, Booker’s body lies still, but his breathing is short, ragged and labored. The breathing stops. Marcus draws closer, unsure of what to do. He says “Booker?” No reply. He hovers over Booker’s face, his head to the side, listening for breath. Nothing. Marcus turns to face Booker, only to see the eyes of something else. Large, bloodshot pupils, yellow and beastly.
Marcus cries out and falls backwards off the bed, kicking Booker in the side. When Marcus recovers, he sees a groggy Booker holding his side, asking what happened. His eyes appear to have returned to their normal hue and size.
Marcus explains what has happened to him.
- How does Booker respond?
For the rest of the time at the mansion, I tell no one, and shy away from all other members of the group, namely Virgil. I ask Jeeves what he saw.
- Jeeves tells you he saw a small, four legged beast the first night. It had pointed ears, and made a sound like “meerrow” and was chasing a smaller four legged beast, until the second beast ran under the dresser. Later, in the dark of the room, he heard you trembling, then a growling and “felt” a figure get out of the bed. After that, it was the sound of the smashing of furniture and smaller items. It was night, and the room was nearly pitch black, but he saw soem figure approach the window. It was large, bipedal and furred. The thing looked out the window. He then heard footsteps outside the door, and Robert Greene ask if everything was alright. He heard the thing at the window sniff and make some small groan of a noise, and then retreat into the bed, breathing differently, like afraid. After that he heard just breathing, until morning.
Jeeves also asks you to somehow modify him to be able to shut off, or go to sleep in some way, or to give him some form of movement. He explains that he enjoys taking in the experiences of the world, but when the group is sleeping and he’s immobile it gets quite boring and lonely.

- Day Two:
● Create some spells, spend the entire day in the backyard with Jeeves tweaking and testing them.
● Create Booker’s Artificial Skeleton
- You successfully craft a working artifical skeleton, fully articulating.
● Solve Jeeves
- You fail. Jeeves inquires about the ethics of mocking his creator for not being able to solve him, then decides to keep the jab to himself.

- Night Two:

● Have Marcus stay again or perhaps sleep in another room if problems persist.

Day Three:
● Spar with anyone who will agree to do so, practicing combat techniques as well as
● Study Carlyle’s Tome under a nearby willow tree.
- Carlysle Young‘s tome is old, seemingly ancient. It is about 9" by 12" and 5 inches thick. It’s pages are filled with everything from journal entries to spells, to treatises on the ethics of animal testing. There are poems, songs, anatomical drawings of flora and fauna, to-do lists, grocery lists, sketches of landscapes, pressed flowers here and there, and an occasional partially-drafted letter.
- After an initial reading, you find nothing too spectacular, although there is a section devoted to cooking recipes, and you stumble across one entitled “The Quiche of Legends”. Most of the book was dense and difficult to read, and after the strange night you had, you find it difficult to concentrate.

● Modify the look of my Helmet. You make several minor modifications in the time you spend on it. Make a Craft: Blacksmithing check.
● Solve Jeeves and do whatever Jeeves wants to do
Roll a Craft: You solve Jeeves. He vows with determination to be mmore difficult to solve. He also asks if you’ve given any thought to possibly giving him legs, wings or something to that effect.

Also, at some point I would like to discuss with everyone a new plan Addition. My new spells will require test subjects, witnesses and critiques. I would like Marcus To be present (as always) and perhaps Goomy or

Bard. I’ll send you some of the spells I’m making, as some of the testing may have ramifications I am not privy to.

In response to Jeeves’ requests, I ask Jeeves more specifically what he would like, and tell him I could make him a body, like the skeleton, or a floating head, or perhaps create several modifications in my constructs to allow him to pilot them all, that way he can switch it up if need be. I ask him what I’d like to do and ask Robert if I could have a small budget of gold for Jeeves’ cut of the mission, and inform him that he can take it out of my pay if he’s more comfortable with that. I always refer to Jeeves as if he were a member of the Team

Jeeves: “I would like a body similar to yours. You don’t need to make me super strong or sleek or anything, but I would love to be able to feel the world around me.”

Robert Greene inquires about the nature of Jeeves. After a brief talk, Robert asks you to create 10 more puzzleboxes in a similar fashion. He thinks they would make excellent additions to many of the stores he has stake in, and insists that a talking puzzlebox could possibly do better as a familiar than many other creatures. He tells you he’ll pay you 200g per puzzlebox you make him, plus, he will consider Jeeves a valuable team asset with his own compensation.
-- Your response: I ask Jeeves how he would feel about it, and if he’s okay with it, I am too. I ask Jeeves if he’d rather have a human body, or a construct one.
- Jeeves: “I think I’d like to try them both. A construct…? That’s something without skin right? I’ll try that first. I like the faces you all make when you eat things. You look really happy. I would like to be able to be happy eating things too. What’s it called with you see something with your mouth? Anyway, I’m excited. I imagine myself tall.”

I take Jeeves outside and talk with him while the sun sets. "Jeeves, I enjoy our talks, and I value your opinions. You are a true friend to me. Now about the sleeping issue, it is something more than mechanical or magical I believe, and im not sure to go about it. Since you are the essence of my mind combined with pure magical energy, solidified into a personality of your own, sleeping is something that you may be able to do and not know how to yet. As for the issue of your body, I can give you a body within the next few days, but there are a few kinks that accompany that: First, if you have a body the size of me, you will be prioritized as a target while we fight things, and it’s very possible you could be hurt. You will be able to deal some damage as well, and im not opposed to this, but i guess im just like a parent, not in the way that im in control of you, but in the way that i feel responsible for you, and i fear for your safety. Secondly, Metal cannot taste, or as far as i know, feel. Although you’re not just a hunk of metal, your ability to see and hear and speak are magical aspects. Perhaps magic could assist us in that problem or Inhabiting a living vessel might work. There are other items like you, that are intelligent, and there are stories of people being taken over by them. This action is forceful, and is not what I wish to happen. This transformation is a big deal, not only for you, but for the world. You’re going to set the standard for intelligent items everywhere, and you should be proud and want to be a role model for this reason. Not all items deserve life, Jeeves, some are dangerous. It is wrong to take control of the innocent, and I think that in the long run, you would feel better, and get more enjoyment out of having a body that is unique to you. We could always get someone who is comatose, but we might be able to “Grow” a body for you. For now, I suggest I create for you a temporary vessel using magic and steel or copper. Would you like a bulky build, or perhaps a slimmer build. Currently I am working on a few new things, the spells we made yesterday. I used the body type of an Orc and a Drow for two of them, a skeleton for another, and a floating head for the final one. We should put you in one of those for a while so you can get the feel of having a bit of freedom, and while we figure out how to get you a living vessel, if you should wish it.
This transformation will cause us to gain a reputation, Namely, with the Druids. They will no doubt see this as a mockery of life, and they could even wish to end your life. We should be aware of this.
Also, there is the situation of what happened in the last few nights. For the purposes of your safety, im going to have to ask you to run away should anything happen where whatever i am decides to turn on you.
Last, but Not least, i would like to ask you if there is anything you would like me to do differently as far as the way that I address you, treat you in conversation, or conduct myself. Should you have a problem, we should talk about it, it’s always best to talk about serious problems out in the open, that way they can be resolved.

From Lifespring to Cindervale (Kroato) to Little Ruby (Manniquin Hell)

People Met:
Carlysle Young – Quirky guy who is often told to stop being weird. Said to be the best doctor in Lifespring
Patrick – Guy who followed Rain into this campaign, abandoned the quest at Lifespring, is an asshole
Pierre – Magic item shop guy who was cured of the insanity by Carlyle
Frederick Hopshaus – Owner of The Salve which burned down after Terrance caught the place on fire.
Terrence Gillybills – Guy who we killed in Lifespring, who burned the Salve down, and attempted to woo a girl.
Place’s Went:
The Salve – Bar/Inn in Lifespring
Items Encountered:
Warp Touch Water – Water that has been tainted with the warp touch Anomaly
Aberration Gland – A black gland from and unknown Aberration
+1 Stave
Soot Covered Scry Ring
Decrepit Knife
Alexi Volk’s Bow
Other Stuff of Note
Ash Fissure – Large fissures in the ground that burn and spew out ash
Creature From The Deep – Large Black thing in the lake around Little Ruby, Elijah is the only one who knows of its existence for certain, Dane knows, but lost his memory as soon as contact was affirmed.

Session 2, Adventure in Crossroad With Elijah and Dane

Places Discovered:
The Abyssal Diner – A diner whose name attracts “A certain type of crowd” (Tieflings and other people with fiendish traits).
The Crucifix – A cross shaped market/temple with a few quirky salesman
Dark Church of Darkness and Death: A large, spike church, that employs zombies and stuff. Worships evil Gods.
Bards Bad Bitches – Some friggin hole in the ground that Elijah thinks he’ll turn into a brothel.
People Met:
Boorche – Owner of the Abyssal Diner, Human, Very big Russian sounding guy.
Josie – A Tiefling with regenerative powers (LOL apparently not anymore!). He apparently Specializes in killing people for money. I got in a fight with him and took his arm.
Morley – Guy who runs the crucifix, also the guy who works as a middle man for the Demons of the Crossroads. He is apparently Immortal.
A priest of the Primordials – a man whose clothing made him appear as a black and red figure with no face, did not speak.
Content Not Found: latia – Girl Elijah bought the ho-house from.
Items of Note:
Drow Queen Robes.
Guisarme – Looks like a fire poker, it was masterwork though, so why not sell it?
Other Events of Note:
Elijah and I were Mugged, and then we killed a guy, Elijah carved words into his chest, then hung him from a light pole. He then went temporarily insane. I then beat him into unconsciousness and brought him to the Crucifix, only after killing and unconscious man and pinning the murders on him by disguising as him and attempting to kill his wife. Then, i bought a nice magic sword and Elijah tried to buy a whore house while i got into a brawl and won someones arm.

By Tooth and Nail.
What the party has experienced so far.

This is where you place, if you so desire, entries from your mental log. Detail your experiences vividly, or jot them down in hurried shorthand. Make a list of people you’ve met, note the intricacies of your world, speculate on the nature of the journey so far. As wizards carry their spellbooks, many an adventurer carries a simple notebook or journal to record the precepts of the mission at hand. Some names are hard to remember, some details are lost to memory, some facts are overlooked in the fog of the chaotic world. This is the place to set them down in stone.


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