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  • The Quest for the Cure

    New Mini-Campaign. Level 6 Setting: The mountainous northern region of the [[Kingdom of Endless Light]], in a town called [[Reinhart's Edge]]. Scene: The adventurers are about to be executed by the local government.

  • Thanem Ironn

    p. Deep in the mountainous reaches of The Kingdom of Endless Light lies a village called [[Ironpeak]], where 72 years ago, in the prime of the village, the greatest of atrocities ensued, in a most unlikely way. An abomination of fiendish origins was born, …

  • Booker Mendohlson

    Booker grew up in the City of Endless Light, Andlosa. Born to two middle class parents, the sprawling cityscape was his playground. A large cityscape is home to a wide variety of influences, and Booker was exposed to many of them, namely the craftsman …