The capitol of the Empire is a glowering city built in a bosom of fertility, set between the The Deep and the River of Blue Ghosts, in the southeasterly section of the Kingdom

The people here stay together to keep the peace, for to break the peace is considered a threat to the Law. The races here are various and intermingling: there are those of Elven descent, Humans, Gnomes and even a few Dwarves scattered here and there.

The city is structured in an arc, following the edge of The Deep. To walk the length of the city would take the better part of a day. Horses and carriages are a common way to get around.

The west end of the city is closest to Blackhaven, therefore it is the more dangerous and superstitious part of the city.

Some places of Note within the capitol city are:
- Spellraiser, a premiere spellcrafting enterprise, owned and operated by Content Not Found: the-raven_, specializing in scrolls and magic-for-hire work. Southwest Market circle.
- Toppentime’s Trinkets, an imaginarium of trinkets, gizmos and doodads, owned and operated by _Content Not Found: toppentime
- The Upholder’s Citadel and Temple of Andlosa Southernmost market circle
- Fabernazzi & Co, the most prestigious clothing chain in the Kingdom. Northeast market circle
- Exelsior – Fancy Restuarant, northeast market circle
- Monsters and Mysteries – A coffeeshop and pulp fiction store near the southernmost market circle, int he southeast of the city.


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