Bubblebrook is an older town that was built on top of the Midriver. It is a very watery place, a quaint town with few large businesses. It is mostly populated by older people, as the youth ten to spread out to nearby Hookshire or Andlosa as they get older.

The most prominent aspect of Bubblebrook is the meandering streams and waterways that weave through the city. Most travel is with small gondolas or rafts, and horses are rarely needed. There are hydraulic pumps run by watermills and levee systems as well.

Another noticable aspect of Bubblebrook is that it is home to a more diverse assortment of peoples; there are humans, elves and gnomes just like in the capitol, but there are also undines, gripplis and merfolk as well. During The Cleansing, the waterfolk hid in underwater caves and disguised themselves as members of another race. They slowly reemerged from the depths in the following years, being careful to not draw attention to themselves. By the time they reemerged, the governing body had ended the campaign of purging.

Since then, the government has allowed the other races to stay in Bubblebrook, given that they stay out of trouble and the town is to pay an added “wild animal” tax each year.

Also, Bubblebrook has recently became a hotspot for alcohol production. The underground limestone has currents of water that trickle through it to produce natural springs in the rollings hills on the sides of Bubblebrook, making it a perfect place for making premiere spirits. The town is also home to Oldag’s Old Alcohol, a preeminent feature of the Festival of Endless Light.


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