Crossroad is one of the largest cities in the Kingdom of Endless Light. It has earned it’s namesake by being the meeting place of the two main trade routes that divide the Kingdom. The original roads were just beaten paths through the woodlands and fields, and over time they gave way to hard dirt paths, and eventually cobblestone and gravel. Within the past two hundred years, the railroad has been constructed along it’s path as well, offset by just a few yards in some places, and up to a half mile in others.

At the intersection, a bustling city was formed. Although it shares some similarities with the capitol of Andlosa, the differences are marked and obvious.

The biggest difference easily seen is the more traditional architecture, roadways and customs. Andlosa is considered the child of progress and enlightenment, whereas Crossroad is seen as the child of tradition and mystery. Although having access to the advances of technology, the elders and the Council of Roads have kept the buildings in a more old-fashioned sense. The buildings are stone and mortor and sandbrick and wood, and each roof is a dome or a diamond, shingled in gold and red terracotta and metalwork.

The spires of the Hall of Roads tower above the city, and at night they are lit aflame, and serve as three beacons against the darkness.

The marketplaces of Crossroad are as varied and unique as any traveler could imagine. They boast the most exhaustive inventories of items, both magical and mundane, both dangerous and alluring. It is said that “If it can’t be found here, it does not exist.” Considering the distance from the capitol, there are much fewer restrictions on goods and services here as well.

The peoples of Crossroad are a mingling of many types. Though predominantly human, gnome and elvish, it is widely accepted (north of Andlosa, to be sure) that there are stranger races living and working and traveling here as well. It is not uncommon to catch a glimpse of an orc buying meat in the marketplace after hours, or to spot a dwarf, fully-shaved and wearing gnomish glasses, calling himself Fritzleglimmer.

Crossroad is a melting pot of cultures and practices. It is a place where the beliefs of old are kept alive in the night, murmured between the elders as they pass Mordayne sticks. It is a place where you are never far from being blessed with good fortune or cursed with doom.


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