Festival of Endless Light

Every year the Festival of Endless Light is held in the city of Andlosa and for five days it is the jewel of the kingdom, attracting traveler and and citizen alike to it’s allure of gambling, games, free food and drink, and even free companions.

But the real drawing power of the Festival is the Cognitarium, the gathering of inventors, collectors, explorers and scientists eager to barter, trade and showcase new ideas, discoveries and inventions.

At the Festival, buying and selling with currency is less common, as all food, drink, games and gambling is free. This is especially true within the Cognitarium, where the participants feel that their inventions, ideas and discoveries are worth more than any monetary gain, instead opting to trade secrets, barter discoveries and swap inventions. Their reasoning is best summarized in the following dialogue.
- Traveler: “How much for this contraption? I’ll give you 100 gold for it.”
- Inventor: “Gold is common. Everyone has gold. But this invention here, this might change the world.”

The Festival concludes with a firework show and the unveiling of a new discovery or invention, usually a breakthrough of some sort.

Then the festivities slowly die out, with a commemoration ceremony held the following morning.

Festival of Endless Light

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