Free Nation of Yggdross

The Free Nation of Yggdross is a sovereign nation 10-20 miles off the mainland. It is rumored to be populated by cannibalistic primitives, or worse, by cultists of some evil god.

According to records, the island broke off from the mainland some 200 years ago.

Riddle 1: What is it that becomes more useful the more of it you hold, but having all of it is the same as having none of it?

Riddle 2: I am watched as I tumble, head over tail, over and again, I sing as I sail. When I finally rest, the watcher draws close, and returns me into the dark of his coat. What am I?

Riddle 3: There is a man walking through a field, hunting elk and deer. He carries a knife of stone. Soon, he sees two figures up ahead, and he goes to join them. When he arrives he finds a child holding a knife of bone and a child holding a knife of steel. The man dies. Who killed the man?

Riddle 4: On the top of the tallest mountain are three men. There is the ambitious man, filled with purpose and intent. There is the happy man, filled with joy and richness of life. And there is the wise man, who knows the terrible and beautiful truths of the world. They each hold a key. The ambitious man says “I hold the key to the door of willpower.” The happy man says “I hold the key to the door of peace.” And the wise man says “I hold the key to the door of truth.” A thousand times a thousand years pass, and there is no life, and the mountain has crumbled to a pile of dust, upon which rests a single massive key. Who’s key is it?

Free Nation of Yggdross

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