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This is where you diverse, brave and cunning souls have found yourselves. Whether you are a visitor to the kingdom or have lived here your entire life, the Kingdom is welcoming. If your predisposition is toward the light of honor, honesty and goodwill, then your stay in the Kingdom will be as seamless as a silken shroud. If your inclinations are more sinister in nature, then you would do well to keep them in check, as the Kingdom of Endless Light does not take kindly to disruption; ripples in the ponds of serenity are looked upon with a vengeful eye.

PLACES within the Kingdom of Endless Light – A map can be found here.
Capitol: Andlosa

The Northern Edge
- Reinhart’s Edge
- Silvervein
- Ironpeak

The Southern Gulf
- Andlosa
- The Deep
- Chateau D’if

The Western Expanse
- Sirencall
- The Last Orchard
- Lifespring
- Quiet Meadow
- Bubblebrook
- Crossroad

The Center Mountains
- Little Ruby
- Mount Vesu

Other Places of Note
- Edgewood
- The Tunnel
- Blackhaven
- Greene Mining and Lumber

Main Page

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