Mount Vesu

Mount Vesuhalla, colloquially known as Mount Vesu or simply Vesu, is the largest mountain peak in the Kingdom of Endless Light, and it also is an active volcano. Large eruptions have been infrequent and rare, the last being over a hundred years ago, but streams of lava still trickle down from cracks and crevices, leaving the area surrounding Vesu a dangerous place.

The forest of Blackhaven that encircles the Center Mountain Range was once thick around Vesu, but over the course of centuries of eruptions, the normal flora and fauna did not survive. Over time, the forest around Vesu changed and adapted; many plants and animals have grown resistant to the heat, or simply migrated to cooler climates. This is immediately noticeable once a weary traveler gets closer to the summit, as the vegetation takes on a darker shade. Many plants are nearly black, or conversely, stark white in appearance, having shed their green hues centuries ago. Some plants that make Vesu their home are swaying Blazemaples, glowing Burnwillows, dark and sturdy Dire Redwoods, various Ash and Yew copses, and strains of sharp Irongrass.

A slew of heat-resistant animals nest here as well, mainly large salamanders and armadillo.

The landscape of Mount Vesu is composed primarily of rocky, craggy hills, the occasional hot spring, and rivulets of lava flowing from cracks in the side of the mountain.

Mount Vesu

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