PC Experience Points

Experience Points/XP will be utilized in this campaign, but they are not involved with gaining levels.

Instead, XP will be utilized as more a reservoir of willpower and intent. For instance:

*Magical items/gear/etc will have an XP cost to them equal to the XP cost as if one were to craft them using Craft Wondrous Item. It it used in this context for gold versus item balance.

*Spells or spell-like abilities that have an XP cost will now cost that much XP. Again, utilized for balance for high-level spells, like resurrection, wish, greater restoration, etc.

*There will be opportunities to gain XP throughout the game. Killing monsters is of course one way. Solving puzzles, deducing facts, finding clever ways to overcome obstacles are others.

*There will be opportunities to utilize XP beyond what is mentioned above. (still to be expounded upon)

PC Experience Points

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