Sirencall is the westernmost city in the Kingdom of Endless Light. It is arguably the city farthest away from the capitol, and as such, is rarely visited by governing officials.

The cliffsides are craggy and black and jagged, and the landscape is mostly woodland foothills with gurgling springs dribbling down the hillsides toward the ocean. The area itself is shrouded in a dense fog that drifts in from the salty sea and creeps through the forests, blanketing each valley and rise with a distorting haze.

The first thing a visitor will notice about Sirencall is that the massive, towering piers that stretch into the gulf. The port of Sirencall has six three-thousand-foot piers stretching into the water. Three-thousand feet long, fifty feet wide and since they come straight out from the top of the cliff, they stand over a hundred feet above the surface of the water. Upon further inspection, a visitor will notice that each pier is covered in buildings amidst most of the length of the pier, with housing constructed into the undercarriage of many of the piers as well. Many denizens prefer to live a life suspended above the ocean. The land-section comprises only a small part of the town, reserved mainly for the shipping and receiving of goods, and for the small bit of industrialization that is beginning.

The piers each seem to be separated in distinct areas: a section of buildings close to the shore where the pier connects to land, followed by a bare section of pier, followed by another section of buildings in the center of the pier, followed by another bare section, then a final building section, followed by the end of the pier which remains bare. Citizens refer to their placement by the number of the pier and by which third of the pier they are in. They might say “I’m at the inn on Mid-Sixth,” meaning the middle building section on the sixth pier. Or “Meet me on the Second Wood on the Fifth,” meaning the second bare pier section on the fifth pier, or “I’ve got to run to the butchershop on Near-First”, meaning the nearest-to-shore building section on the first pier.

The town is old, much older than most the rest of the Kingdom. Some claim that the town itself is a remnant from a past civilization that once rose from the sea and has since sunk back into the depths, but such fancies are regarded as little more than superstition.


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