The Cleansing

The Cleansing. The Great Sorrow. The Purging Years. The Bloody Diaspora .

The Cleansing refers to the great subjugation, deportation and methodical extermination of the “lesser” races that allegedly happened at the end of the Dawn Years.

Only the eldest of villages and tribes at the far-off reaches of the Kingdom dare to repeat the story.

Years after The Upholders first gained power over the Kingdom, they were still busy putting down rebellions on the fringes of the nation. Most of the younger races pledged fealty with ease, but many of the harsher, proud races did not. Dwarves, tieflings, kuo-tao, and those with celestial or fiendish heritage tended to be more resistant to the takeover. After all, entire human civilizations have risen and fallen within the span of just one or two generations of some of the longer-lived races.

Rebellions continued. It wasn’t long before talks began of completely quashing the resistant groups. Members of the “lesser” races were shipped off to the edges of the map, or driven underground. Those that refused were executed. Groups that put up a struggle were dealt with with extreme cruelty.

Temples were razed. Crops were burned.
It’s said that entire villages were wiped off the map in moments.

The Cleansing ended within a few short weeks. Hundreds, of not thousands were slain.

What became of the races is up to debate. Many are thought to have become entirely extinct, while it is rumored that many more took refuge in the earth, below the Kingdom, in cities of their own.

The Cleansing

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