The Last Orchard

The Last Orchard is the name for the westmost area of the Kingdom of Endless Light. History tells that it is a beautiful place full of verdant thickets of fruit trees and flowering plants.

Rumor, however, tells a different story. Rumor tells of a soppy, soaked swampland, haunted by the spirits of the fallen forests.

Many decades ago, due to conservation efforts and concerns of dangerous wildlife, a large wall was built around the perimeter of the Orchard, a hundred feet tall and eight feet thick.

Outside, an old sign reads: Kingdom of Endless Light National Conservation Area – Enjoy your visit at your own risk. Do not feed the animals. Stick to the path.
Underneath that sign, a slightly newer sign reads: NOTICE – This area has been deemed ill-suited for travel due to inclement plant growth and risk of falling trees, and has been sanctioned as a non-civilian zone. NOTE: Non-civilian zones are UNPROTECTED by the Government and as such you travel at the assumption of risk! By crossing this gate you agree to the following waiver" The sign continues on in very legal speaking terms, mentioning things like “death” and “loss of limb” and various other things the Gov’t won’t be held liable for, and then the rest of the sign has been broken off.

The Last Orchard

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