The Upholders

The Upholders are the elected officials that make the Kingdom of Endless Light a pleasing, peaceful place to live. They make sure the laws are upheld, the parishes and villages are paying taxes, and the city stays clean. They also oversee the economy, instituting bars, holds or bailouts when needed.

The Upholders are 10 members in total, each overseeing certain aspects of the Kingdom, whether it’s auditing temples, overseeing prison details, rationing food from farmers, requisitioning land from those engulfed in debt, etc.

The members are as follows:

Father Abraham is the Leader of Spirituality and Grace. He oversees the temples, collects tithes and church taxes, and tends to the needs of the soul of the Kingdom.

Velios is the Right Hand of the Government. He ensures the military is well-behaved, orderly and always in service to the people, although he is not afraid to get gritty when the time comes.

The Enforcer is the Left Hand of the Government. He engages directly with individuals on behalf of the Upholders. His main duty is to enforce contracts, assess loyalty, and to resolve conflicts in a quick, decisive manner.

Kerrigan Strom is the face of the Upholders. She is the direct ambassador to the general populace of the Kingdom, and the one who makes clear to the public the intentions of the government.

Silva Montag is the primary manager of all things legal and litigious. He handles all of the contracting, government lawsuits, and the paperwork of the Kingdom. He is known to be well educated and incredibly rude.

Peren Freedmont is the chief operations manager for tehcnological progress. She rarely appears in public, save for during the lottery during the Festival of Endless Light. It is rumored that she is some sort of spellshaper.

Scrinch and Scrounch are two brothers that oversee the financing of the Kingdom. It is widely assumed they play only a marginal role in decision-making.

The Librarian is an Upholder that was purported to exist long ago, but he or she has not been seen or heard from anytime in the recent past.

The Flayer is rumored to be an Upholder, but no records exist to prove this. Supposedly, it is a monster that was once part of the group but had to be put down.

The Upholders

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