The Deep Vault


Musings of a madman

An entry in the diary of Lavas, musings of a madman.

At first, everything seemed so fun. You might question such a statement, after hearing that I’m just about a hundred years old, but life was exciting to me. I was having a grand ole’ time you know, living and whatnot. Just peachy. That is…

Until I found out.

Until I found out about the truth.

Now, you could argue that I’m having even more fun than before. Of course, it’s all meaningless fun; it’s almost absurd when I think about it. Whatever fun I was having in the past? Well, I like to think that my experience and curiosity led me to this exact point. I’m at the point in my “life” where I can finally achieve my dreams, because I now know the truth of it all. The ABSURDITY of it all. As much as I bear to think about it, my mind goes around in circles, but then I just laugh.

Laugh the pain away.

Because it all means nothing you know. Everything you have ever known and loved, everything you aspire to be, everything you draw inspiration from…It’s all meaningless.

It’s all absurd.


necriel SwilliamX

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