Goldstorm is an alleged settlement that rests in a small, darkened vale between the westernmost mountain peaks and the center mountains in the northern edge of The Kingdom of Endless Light. It was discovered by Reinhart Razorbeard over a hundred years ago, and although the location was apparently rich with resources, it never became a fully realized outpost.

Following streams of golden flecks and chips and rocks, Reinhart took one hundred men into the stormy valley in search of riches. Legend has it that he returned from the valley with only four men, but several thousand pounds of gold, totaling, legend has it, into the millions.

Immediately after, a barricade was erected, blocking off the vale from outsiders. Naturally, it is rumored to be a haunted place, with the spirits of the lost miners lingering still.

The exact nature of what happened to the men, and the reason behind the blocking of the valley, is still up for debate.


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