Ironpeak was once a flourishing mining town situated at the peak of the northern mountain range of the Kingdom. It was carved out from the side of the mountain by Reinhart Razorbeard over two hundred years ago, and it rests just below the peak of the mountain.

Reinhart and his crew of dwarves and orcs founded the settlement just below the peak of the newly discovered mountaintop, and Reinhart renamed the mountaintop Ironpeak, denoting what mineral he found there.

Over the next hundred years, the settlement grew from a few dozen to over two hundred citizens. As of around 80 years ago, the mine dried up, along with the livelihoods of a third of the households. The economy of the town became stagnant, and people began leaving, which only worsened the situation. Within a few short years, the entire town became abandoned.

Only the biting wind and the smell of rusting iron floating in the air remain.


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